Getting started

  1. First, fork the repo to your own github account and clone it.
  2. Install dependencies: yarn

Running the tests

Unit tests

I recommend testing the specific package in the monorepo that you are working with. For example:

yarn test lambda-at-edge/

In watch mode:

yarn test --watch lambda-at-edge/

Deploying to AWS and testing your changes

First, create your own test serverless component app and in the serverless.yml point the component field to your fork:

# serverless.yml
component: "/path/to/your/fork/serverless-next.js/packages/serverless-component"
inputs: ...

Then from the app simply run serverless or npx serverless if you don't have the serverless cli installed. For debug logging, pass in --debug.

For interactive debugging of the deployment you may launch serverless through node like node --inspect node_modules/serverless/bin/serverless.js. From there you may attach and debug as any other Node.js app.

Note: If you are working with a Typescript package make sure you build it (yarn build) before deploying ;)